Prss launched today in New York with The Next Web's magazine SHIFT

02 October — Prss launched in NY with SHIFT, the new magazine of TNW. Prss is in private beta with 30 publishers, who are preparing to launch their magazines shortly. Over 7,000 have signed up for Prss, waiting for access. Prss will become available for iPhone, followed by the Web and ultimately increasing its reach to all Internet-connected devices (15 billion). Prss is creating a revolution in publishing. Enter a new era of beautiful and hassle-free digital publishing. Available to everybody.

September 2013

  1. Sep 27

    Getting unscrewed by Prss

    After we watched publishers being screwed over by supposed digital publishing solutions for too long, the good people from Prss (us) decided not to screw anybody with their publishing platform. 5 cents per download. That's it. Boom! It's called Prss. Call it the software Apple forgot to make.

November 2012

  1. Nov 02

    Is Prss the end of print?

    Frustrated by the existing choices, Prss developers have produced a cloud-based publishing tool. It allows anyone to produce a publication optimised for iPad, with iPhone and other iOS devices to follow soon. Just bring your own content to reach a potential market of a half-billion readers.